Spotlight Development Inc


Custom Homes

Spotlight development is one of the leading custom home builders in the city of Toronto. We achieved this position by designing and building unique custom homes that fit our customers' needs. Over the past 5 years, our home building team have created and built custom homes for many families in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.


Make your house feel like a home by transforming it into something truly welcoming. Through our home design services, we will give your home all of the features and charm it needs to feel like your perfect match.  We can also help you preview home design ideas through realistic 3D renders. 


When it comes time to expand your house through interior or exterior additions, we will be able to oversee the entire process. Our team is capable of expertly constructing many types of additions. We’ll ensure that your new addition fits in perfectly with the rest of your home, thereby increasing its value and enjoyability.


Rezoning and repurposing land is a staple of the Architectural and Construction industry. Whether you are redeveloping your property to townhouses or for commercial purposes, redeveloping land is a great way to increase value and strengthen your community. We at spotlight development have experience redeveloping and planning land across the GTA, and have the knowledge to speed up the process to finish your project sooner.


While buildings are designned according to plans, nothing perfectly matches what is specified. An As-Built drawing allows for accurate final plans which can be used as schematics and diagrams for indoor use. As-Built drawings are also commonly used for real estate purposes to show potential buyers exactly what they are viewing.